Hi, my name is

Mateusz Hadryś

I'm a

Web Developer & Designer

I love making things and writing about it. I design and code web applications that are fast and beautiful. If you need a website, contact me and I will help you stand out from the competition.

Recent Projects

Vivaldi Thumbnail Generator

React Single Page Application that generates thumbnails on the client-side using the Canvas API. It supports extensive customisation, generating multiple images at once and downloading them as a single zip archive.

My Skills


I know how to use the firebase platform to create complex web & mobile applications.


I use git on every project, to write code with confidence. GitHub is my preferred platform for collaboration but I have some experience with GitLab as well.

Node JS

I can write and deploy Express.js servers and serverless functions on many different platforms. I’m familiar with authentication, image processing, payments etc.


I can set up and use CSS preprocessors like sass, to write more maintainable and powerful CSS.


I’ve worked with react for more than 2 years. I follow modern best-practices and know how to maintain legacy class-based components.

Styled Components

I love using styled-components and other CSS-in-JS libraries to write highly-reusable components.